Crippling Data Loss is Easily Avoided

Most small businesses today use personal computers to process and store information about their customers, prospects, jobs, products and other mission critical data. At Craig Technology Consulting, we are often contacted the first time by businesses that are experiencing some kind of data loss. Usually, this data loss is the effect of a personal computer that has crashed through software or hardware failure. However, until the "crash" occurs, most small businesses don't realize what they have potentially lost until it is too late.

Fortunately, such catastrophe is easily avoidable. There are many providers of off-site data backup and storage. Local backup in your own office to an external device is also a very good practice to get into, and usually your first line of defense against data loss. However, many small businesses do not include data backup as a frequent process in their daily routine. Automating these tasks can provide a level of insurance that, should your PC workstations crash, can get you back up and running in short order.

What Does Your Business Need?

The most important question to ask when deciding what to do about data backup and storage is, "What can I NOT live without should my systems crash?" For some of us, it is simply documents such as Microsoft Office Word or Excel. Others have database applications like accounting and customer service applications which require a bit more to ensure successful backup. Regardless of your needs, solutions are easily attainable and affordable.

Discuss Your Data Backup Needs with a Professional

At CTC, we often meet with business owners who have determined what they need to backup, and how often to back up those items before meeting with us. After some in-depth Q&A, inevitably something has been missed in the process. It is critical to understand your software, network environment, and security applications to ensure that all of your mission-critical data is properly backed up locally or off-site.

Spending a little time with us to discuss your particular needs could make all the difference in restoring your systems should a catastrophe strike. Contact Us today to ensure your business could survive a technical disaster.